How to play?

There are 9 games, battles, and challenges to choose from, some you can play on your own to improve your knowledge of Black History & Culture, and some you can battle with your friends and family or against other online users and show them who’s the boss, whichever you choose you can pick up points to rise up the ranks and try to top the leader board who knows you may even win a prize however everyone is a winner because learning about Black History & Culture is the missing jigsaw to History itself.



Self Challenge Mode Instructions

1) Click on Self Challenge and then select a category

2) Select the number of questions you would like to challenge yourself with

3) Select the time period you would like to have to complete the challenge then press the “Start” button

4) Each question will have 4 answers to choose from, select 1 answer then press the “Arrow” button on your left to move on to the next question, or press the “Arrow” button on your right to go back to the previous question if you would like to change or review your answers. (Remember to beat the clock!!).

5) Once you have answered all the questions and you are happy with your answers click on the “Center” button then the “Submit button”.

6) You need to get 70% or more to be a winner and gain points!

7) You can review all your answers to see which was right or wrong this will help to improve your memory and hopefully get it right next time 🙂

Good luck!!!


Quiz Zone Instructions

1) Click on Quiz Zone and then select a category

2) Choose a level and get ready, questions come thick and fast, it is a race against the clock!

3) Select 50/50, lifeline or reset the clock if you get stuck but you will have to view the ad first (Remember the clock is against you).

4) You will lose points if you get wrong and gain points when correct.

5) Remember to share your score!


1 v 1 Battles Instructions

1) Click on 1v1 Battle and then select a category.

2) We recommend you invite and battle your friends or family by asking them to log in and join you in 1v1 battle at the same time and as more people signup to the Frontroom Trivia you will be able to battle against random online users.

3) Each question is timed and you can watch the timer a the bottom of your screen, you can also see how many your opponent has got right to add more pressure!

4) When completed you will see who is victorious and choose to play again.


Group battle


Guess the Word Instructions

1) You have 45 seconds to answer the question.

2) The question may be Text or Image.

3) Arrange the letters in the right order to reveal the answer.

4) You can place any letter on any block at any time.

5) You can replace any incorrect letter by selecting the block and choosing the right available letter.

6) Try to get over 70% to win coins


Fun ‘n’ Learn Instructions

(We are testing this format, let is have your feedback please).

1) You have 3 minutes to read the information on a Black Historical or Cultural moment or person.

2) Try to absorb or comprehend the information presented to you.

3) Once your time is up you will have a number of questions to answer based on the information provided, watch out though, you are being timed.


True / False Instructions

1) Simply select True or False for the Question and if you get over 70% you win coins but remember to watch the clock 


Daily Quiz